Sustainable Fashion

How To Introduce Sustainable Fashion To Your Wardrobe?

Hey! Is that a loungewear or the most stylish piece from your wardrobe that you’re wearing right now? Well, here’s a question for you. Do you think that particular clothing piece values more than someone’s life or environment’s health? I believe, you will nod your head at this question. We all have to agree on some moral basics, such as the harm that our lifestyle is bringing to the environment. Now, you might be wondering how sustainable fashion can reverse it and bring change.

Why Is Today’s Fashion Far From Being Sustainable?

Considering the fashion trends that are followed today, it won’t be wrong to say it’s a task to sustain it. Wondering why? The clothing items manufactured today are made in such a way that adds waste to the Earth when disposed of. It’s because of the benefit that the companies want to avail by making their customers buy different items to increase their sales. However, people perceive sustainable fashion in a different way. An industry is sustainable if it doesn’t harm the Earth’s resources, stop producing waste and, exploit workers. You’ll surely make a better choice for yourself and the environment by choosing such sustainable fashion brands.

How Can You Start With Sustainable Fashion?

I agree that many of you would be eyeing the new collections that can help amp up your style. And that’s what makes the path to sustainable fashion a bit difficult. But is that impossible? Well, NO. Below, I have listed some of the basic ways by following which, you can introduce sustainable fashion in your wardrobe and look stylish at the same time.  

  • Try investing in staple pieces

Despite what your style is, basics can never go wrong. Numerous designs or patterns may come and go out of trend; basics stand firm. As a suggestion, try to look for neutral t-shirts, denim, timeless coats and jackets while you shop. Even 10 years down the line, you can stand out wearing these pieces. Also, be aware of the material your clothes are made of. Try to select the ones made from organic cotton or jute, as they’re easily degradable.

  • Start Local

Many of you new to sustainable fashion might think about what change buying from local brands can bring. Below we have mentioned some of the significant changes that your bit can result in:

  1. You invest in the economy of the company.
  2. A lot is saved in terms of fuel and energy by cutting down the supply from manufacturer to consumer. This, in turn, prevents a lot of environmental harm.

There are numerous sustainable clothing Indian brands that are affordable and worth the money that you invest. All you have to do is, scroll a bit and find the one that fits your style in the best way.

  • Try out some DIYs

Being a girl, I understand it becomes boring to wear the same piece over and over again. Try experimenting, bring out the artist in you and try DIYs with your clothes. Do whatever you want, add patches or paint your denim, think about how you can re-utilize it. While buying clothes, consider if it’s possible to wear that particular clothing item in a different way. If yes, a lot is sorted there.

  • I urge you to go for rental fashion

Many of us would have few expensive clothing pieces that are kept in the wardrobe and are never repeated. These mainly are bought for someone’s marriage or an important event. Do you even have an idea, how badly it can affect the environment? To avoid this, try to look at rental websites. You won’t only get your dream outfit but will also save a massive amount of money.

  • Take care of your clothes

You would only be able to introduce sustainable fashion in your wardrobe if you take care of your clothes in the best way. It extends the durability and helps you make the most of your clothes. There’s no rocket science involved; follow the laundry instructions for the garment piece and avoid overwashing of certain pieces like denims.

Closing Thoughts

It would be easy for some to follow the above-mentioned points, while others might get skeptical about it. You don’t have to switch to a new brand totally; take little steps and make your mind accordingly. If it works for you, start with a slight shift towards sustainable fashion, and the environment will be forever thankful to you.