Why TikTok Should be Banned In India?​

Tik tok should be banned in India?? Top think tanks in India are mired by this question now days. With recent verdict of Chennai high court lifting the ban on tik tok after it directed the GOI to prohibit its usage, has once again triggered the debate of its usage, impact on society and most importantly data sovereignty of India. There had been multiple videos surfacing in the past, which were inappropriate and found to be sexually oriented, thus besides all other form of exploitation these videos can expose children’s to sexual predators.

Also, recent incidents involving grown up adults who understood that their action could land them in trouble but despite such an understanding, the adventure of seeing themselves in a camera frame forced them to act in an imprudent manner to the extent of putting their lives at stake.

Besides other issues of vulgarity, communal jokes, infringing in others life etc has been observed frequently. All this brings us to the question that whether as a society we will be acting nicely, judiciously and in an appropriate manner in future concerning the risks involved with this application.

The answer can be anything by a supporter or a detractor but fact of the matter is Indian society is just not safe concerning the kind of risk, it is exposed by the usage of this kind of application. It’s usage must be limited to entertainment, knowledge exchanging and creative ideas and this application developer should come up with mechanism, which can prevent any kind of harm to society as already there are multiple dents in the soul of our society and we cannot afford such applications which can destroy the fabric of our society.

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